Indian Pickles
Pickled cherry peppers, mango, fish, garlic are some of the varieties of Indian pickle that our company produces and supplies. The pickle is seasoned and then supplied to the customers.
Mix fruit candy
Highly demanded candied fruits are offered in bulk and one can avail these eatables form us at pocket friendly prices. The dried fruits of world class quality can be consumed at anytime, anywhere.

Pineapple Products
Get in touch with us to buy pineapple products, from chopped pineapple, juice to pineapple cubes dipped in syrup. The products are ready to eat as well as used in cooking dessert, etc.
Heimang salty
The fresh fruits are dried to create dried fruits, in which salt is added to enhance the flavor. The salted dry mango, lemon, mix fruits can be obtained to relish the tangy, salted and sweet flavors all together.
Dry fruits candy
Heitup candies are fruit candies which are flavored to enhance the taste. When a person eat any of the fruit candy in the offering, he/she can immediately experience the burst of fruit flavor.

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